Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vapid Lacquer - September Releases

Hi there!  Today I am back with swatches of four polishes from the upcoming September 2017 restock from Vapid Lacquer!

 ~ Press Sample ~ 

This month Vapid Lacquer is bringing back 4 gorgeous shades that were previous year's Halloween favorites.  These were all recreated using the same amazing formulas from last year.

The re-release is set for Sunday, September 17th, at 6pm Central Time. This is your only chance to grab these so set those alarms because you won't want to miss them.

Now, lets jump on into those swatches shall we?

First up I have Witching Hour.

Witching Hour is described as a black based polish with a purple glow from within.  

Next up in this stunning quartet is Apparition.

Apparition is described as a light gray with three different silver holographic glitters and a shifting shimmer.  Unfortunately that pink shimmer was being shy with my camera and I wasn't able to capture it.  Those sparkles however, were not shy in the slightest!

Next up is Vampires Don't Sparkle

Vampires Don't Sparkle is described as a deep blood toned maroon with brick like shimmer.  

Does anyone else immediately think of Spike from Buffy when hearing this name?  Just me?  Maybe it's because he used to wear a red shirt, and he certainly didn't sparkle like some other vampires..

The finish on this one reminds me of velvet for some reason and I absolutely love it.

The rest are shown with a matte top coat.  
Isn't it just divine?

Last, but certainly no way least, is Purple Poison

Purple Poison is described as a vibrant violet, packed with two different types of holo.  

My camera could not handle Purple Poisons beaut, so my swatches lean more towards a blue kind of purple, and that washed out the gorgeous pink shimmer it has.  

To recap, the restock is set for Sunday, September 17th, at 6pm Central Time.  In addition to these four polishes, Vapid Lacquer will also have Wax Melts, and new fall themed bath and body scents you won't want to miss!  Sugar Scrubs, Body Creams, and Body Mists are also being restocked.  Check out their Facebook group for a full list before the restock.  I've linked the group below for your convenience.

I'll leave you with some nail art that I did using a few of these shades.  I'll be sharing these on my Instagram shortly, so check there for full details and tutorials. 

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fancy Gloss - September Releases

Hi everyone! Today I have some beautiful shimmer polishes to share with you from Fancy Gloss!

These three beauties are shimmer polishes and they are fabulous.  They all have the same formula so i'm just going to talk about that now so I'm not too repetitive.  

Each of these were opaque for me in just two coats.  At first when you apply them they seem like they have brush strokes but as they dry down those brush strokes almost all disappear, which is awesome if you're like me and have trouble doing straight lines! 

The formula is very good.  They're not too thick or too thin and they apply easily and evenly.

Now, lets jump on into those swatches!

First up is Seaweed Sprinter.  It's a light green with gold shimmer. This is shown over my natural nail in two coats.  The gold shimmer really shines though and it leans more yellow green on me.  The last picture in the set I have the polish shown over both a white base and a black base.







Next up is Coral Floral.  It's a peachy pink with gold shimmer! This is two coats shown over my natural nail.  The last picture in the set I have it shown over both a white base and a black base.

I saved my favorite for last! This is Tide Chaser.  It's light blue with gold shimmer throughout.  It's gorgeous! Shown here is two coats over my natural nail.  The last picture it is shown over both a black and white base.


I was playing with these over some colored bases and they also look really pretty layered over similar colors.  By far my favorite combination, one I just had to do for a whole manicure, is Tide Chaser layered over Pink Dreams, which is a light, baby pink creme polish by Fancy Gloss.  

Shown here is 1 coat of the light blue shimmer polish over Pink Dreams.  Isn't it just gorgeous?

These polishes, along with many others, (I have one Thermal, Shattered Heart, posted here) will be available on September 1, 2017 at 8pm est in Fancy Gloss shop.

*These polishes were provided for an honest review, which I hope you have enjoyed reading!*

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Vapid Lacquer - August Releases

Hi guys!  Today I am thrilled to be able to share with you two polishes from Vapid Lacquer and a new scent of Moisturizing Body Mist that will be available August 19, 2017.

 ~ Press Sample ~ 

First lets start off with the polish, now these two polishes may look familiar to some of you veteran Vapid Lacquer lovers! That's because they are two polishes the Vapid team is bringing back after being highly requested.  These two beauties are Dragon Eggs, and Sea Glass.  They are made following the same recipe and formula as the original release.

Lets take a look at "Dragon Eggs".  Dragon Eggs was previously released under the name "Dragon Eggs In My Easter Basket".  The maker describes it as an orchid\purple with ultra-chrome flakes in pink, purple, blue, and gold. It is SO sparkly!

The first set of pictures are topped using Vapid Lacquer Get Your Shine On! High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat, and then shown using a matte topcoat.









All photos for Dragon Eggs are shown in 3 thin coats.  This was absolutely opaque in two coats, but I wanted to see how 3 would look with a smidge more of those beautiful flakes.  The formula is amazing, I barely had to do any clean up it was so easy to control.  

Next up is "Sea Glass".  Sea Glass is described by the maker as a peachy, beachy base with shifting ultra-chrome flakes of pink, purple, blue, and gold.  

I know nude toned colors can be hit or miss for some people, but this one is definitely a hit!  It's absolutely stunning.  It makes you feel kind of dainty with a bit of an edge...or, well, maybe thats just me.









Sea Glass is shown in two coats.  It has amazing coverage for a light nude toned polish. The first set of pictures are topped using Vapid Lacquer Get Your Shine On! High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat, and then also shown using a matte topcoat.

Both Dragon Eggs and Sea Glass apply smoothly and remove easily.  The flakes lie flat on the nail, and while they may stick to your skin with a little sparkle, you won't need to scrub at all when you decide to remove them.

I have one last thing I wanted to share with you, I was fortunate to receive Vapid's Moisturizing Body Mist in a new scent called Quiet Morning.  Please ignore the label, as soon as I pulled it out of the shipping box, being the butterfingers that I am, I promptly dropped it into my dog's water dish!  Luckily the label held on like a champ.

Quiet Morning is a very light scent.  It has a fresh lemony\citrus kind of scent to my nose, and I absolutely love it.  The name, paired with the scent, just elicits images of sitting on a porch, sipping coffee, enjoying the quiet, and early morning scents, as the world around you wakes up. 

There are also a few other scents being released, they are:  Candy Clouds, Capistrano, Trash Can Punch, Hard Candy, and Unicorn Milk.  Trash Can Punch, Hard Candy, and Unicorn Milk, are all new scents, along with Quiet Morning.

All of this wonderfulness releases on August 19, 2017!  
Happy Shopping! 

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