Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cuticula Scented Nail Tape - Black Friday Releases!

I am ridiculously excited to share with you the new releases coming this Black Friday from Cuticula Scented Nail Tape. 

Please note that when I received these, the label for CuQUICKula wasn't ready.
~Press Sample~ 

Cuticula is opening up her line of Scented Nail Tape to include both top and base coats! 

These will be available starting Black Friday, November 24th at Midnight PST!  There will have limited stock but once stock sells out, there will be a pre order. The sale will run until November 27th at 8am PST.

I'll have more details at the end of the post regarding sale information.

Now, you may be wondering why there are two top coats, and I'll explain.

The first top coat I'd like to introduce you to is:


Timeless is a scented top coat!  In my tests I found that it dries to the touch in about 3 minutes.  It's not ready for you to resume your usual activities yet, but it's dry enough so you can play with your phone, type on a computer, those kinds of easy activities, but I wouldn't recommend digging in your purse for at least twenty minutes as it doesn't dry hard in those first few minutes.

Timeless will be available at launch in four scents.  Rainbow Sherbet, Dew (think Mtn Dew), Chocolate Peppermint, and Strawberry Watermelon.  

Personally, Dew is my favorite scent, which I was not expecting.  It smells just like the soda, which I love.  The scent lasted me just under a day before I couldn't smell it anymore, which is great in my opinion.
Here are some nail art examples of how well Timeless works with stamping.


CuQUICKula is an unscented 4 free, quick dry top coat.  During her research, Amanda, the maker behind Cuticula, learned that most quick dry top coats available on the market contain toluene, and as she researched toluene she learned that toluene can be harmful when inhaled for long periods of time.

This is something she was not comfortable with as a scented top coat, something that is advertised to be enjoyable to smell, but it's an amazing quick dry top coat and she wanted to offer it in as an unscented option.

These two top coats have fast become favorites of mine.  Both of these top coats do not dull holo polishes, they don't shrink, I can stamp with them, although Amanda recommends floating Timeless over nail art because the fragrance oils have been known to cause smearing.  So I just use a thicker bead, making sure that my brush bristles don't touch the nail art.  But to be perfectly honest, that's what I do all the time anyway.

A few stamping examples using CuQUICKula

Static Base Coat

Static Base Coat is a scented sticky base coat.  Static Base Coat will be available at launch in four scents.  Rainbow Sherbet, Dew (think Mtn Dew), Chocolate Peppermint, and Strawberry Watermelon.  

This base coat is seriously amazing.  I got 10 days wear with such a small amount of visible wear, I was absolutely shocked.  I never wear my polish that long so I was floored when I saw just how great the lasting power is on this.  I even let my friend use it when she got her nails done, and she has notoriously finicky nails.  Most polish peels off of her nails in a day or so.  I waited a week and asked her how it was holding up and she sent me this photo.

She was definitely pleased!

Here are my own results from my 10 day wear test.  I took a lot of pictures for the first one, so I made them into collages for ease.

My second wear test was just as successful.

Third Wear Test

This last wear test I had to end early because I broke a nail.  My middle nail had been patched but that patch gave out on me.  As you can see though, Static Base Coat was still holding strong and looked great.  

Overall, I really am a fan of these new products from Cuticula Scented Nail Tape and am so thrilled that she's branching out into top and base coats.

The Static Base Coat exceeded even my wildest expectations.  I only removed my polish during these wear tests (except for the break) because I just needed the change mentally.  It held up wonderfully throughout my day to day life, and I wasn't light on it.  I washed dishes (I don't have a dishwasher), I shower as hot as I can physically stand it.  I cleaned the house several times including scrubbing the oven after an unfortunate attempt to bake bacon, the grease leaked and puddled down to the bottom. 

As for the Top Coats, after my favorite quick dry top coat was discontinued, I kind of went on a hunt for the "next best thing" to replace it.  I feel confident when I say that CuQUICKula and Timeless are among the best of the best and have taken up permanent residence on my desk as my most reached for.

These are all the quick dry top coats I currently have.
 (I don't have a problem, I swear!)

Since this will all be releasing on Black Friday, you know there's going to be a sale!

AND a special surprise for anyone who spends $30 (after discounts)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Vapid Lacquer - Black Friday 2017 Releases!

Today I have a very exciting post to share with you.  I have the Vapid Lacquer Black Friday 2017 releases! 

~Press Sample~

I can't believe we are here, getting ready for Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas/New Years already.  It seems like the leaves were just budding and turning green and now they've almost all fallen from the trees.  Winter was always my least favorite season, but the one thing that I do look forward to is all the beautiful fall\winter nail polish colors.  Dark and vampy are some of my favorites and this release from Vapid Lacquer is packed with beautiful polishes that totally fit that bill.

This year Vapid Lacquer is releasing seven new polishes and re-releasing a few popular polishes from previous years.  Unless noted, the re-releases are mixed according to their original recipe.

Now, brace yourself for a picture heavy post, and let's jump into it!

Let's start with the new releases.


Disambiguation is a thermal polish and is described as a purple to turquoise thermal with an aqua to violet shimmer.  

I decided to start off with Disambiguation because it's my favorite, and because I don't have any nail art for it.  I simply could not bring myself to cover up one inch of this beauty.   I wanted to enjoy it in its full splendor.  I'm actually still wearing Disambiguation as I type this post.  Maybe tonight I'll do some stamping if I can bear it.

Disambiguation has an excellent formula. The thermal is very reactive too which I love.
Shown is 3 coats plus a glossy top coat.

cold state

warm state

In transition


Dusky is described as a blurple with a smokey, foggy finish.  It has a gorgeous purpley pink shimmer that is very apparent throughout and it's beautiful.  

Dusky has an excellent formula, shown is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat.

Black Friday '17

Black Friday '17 is one of two polishes that are kind of a Vapid tradition.  Each year they return, but slightly changed, they are new, but still somewhat familiar.  This year, like every year, it is a black-based polished, except this year, it has a shifting, ultra fine glitter in it that really makes it pop.

Black Friday '17 has an excellent formula which applied easily.  It's a jelly based polish so I did 3 thin coats to get more depth. 

Happy Freakin' New Year '17

Happy Freakin' New Year '17 is the second polish that Vapid releases every year, with slight changes.  What's similar is it's always in a silver holographic base, but what's different is this year there is an added shimmer and shift with 3 grades of holo!    It has a pink shimmer which was camera shy for me.  It's apparent on the nails in person, and you will be able to catch a peek at it in my bottle shot.  

Happy Freakin' New Year '17 has an excellent formula which was smooth and very easy to apply. Shown in my swatches are 2 coats plus a glossy top coat.


Krampus is another thermal polish!
It is described as a cherry red to deep black cherry with a shifting sparkle.

Krampus is another favorite.  I'm not usually a red fan, but the reds of this release had me singing a completely different tune, and this one is just amazing.  I love the vibrant red to dark red contrast so much.  I love drastic thermals and this does not disappoint.  

Krampus has an excellent formula, it went on smoothly with no issues to speak of.  Shown in my swatches are 2 coats plus a gloss top coat.

cold state

warm state

Transition state

You may notice some settling of the shimmer as the bottle sits with Krampus, that had zero effect on application or performance.  All it needs is a shake!

nail art is shown in the warm state.

Slay Bells

Slay Bells is described as a rich red with holographic flakes.  Not to be corny, but Slay Bells slayed me!  I absolutely fell in love with this red.  The shimmer and flakes combination is just out of this world gorgeous.   I only hope my swatches do it justice because you totally need this in your collection.

Slay Bells is shown in 2 smooth and easy coats plus a glossy top coat.


Umbrageous is described as a dark green with very fine holographic shimmer. 

Umbrageous is a beautiful deep green with an excellent formula, it was smooth and very easy to apply.  Shown here is 2 coats plus a glossy top coat.

The next 5 polishes are the Re-Releasing colors.
Unless noted, they are mixed according to their original recipes.


Gilver is described as a gold \ silver holographic. 

I kept seeing a lot of talk about Gilver and how it looked both gold and silver, so when I got this one I was definitely intrigued to see just what all the hubbub was about, and I was not disappointed.  Depending on what lighting you are in Gilver really can appear gold or silver, it's so cool!  In my swatches I think it leans more gold with my lighting.

Gilver is shown in 2 coats plus a glossy top coat.

Gin Tastes Like Pine Trees

Gin Tastes Like Pine Trees is described as a dark, somewhat hazy green.

Shown in my swatches are 2 coats plus a glossy top coat.  This one was practically a one coater, if you are careful with your application I believe you could easily be happy with only one coat.

I also thought this one would look great with a matte top coat, so I decided to add one and see!

Santa Baby

Santa Baby is going to be a limited polish.  If this one is on your wishlist, go grab it first & check out (the Vapid site doesn't have cart hold) because it may never return once it sells out.  

Santa Baby is a warm red holographic polish.

**my camera didn't pick this red up with total accuracy I did my best to adjust but please be advised that Santa Baby is a little bit darker than what you will see here** 

Violets <3's Snowflakes - Remixed

Violets <3's Snowflakes is described as a dark, cool purple with white and violet micro flakes.  

This a remixed version of the original Violets <3's Snowflakes.  It won't be exact to the original as the pigments and flakes that were originally used are no longer available.  

My camera pulled this a bit more blue, in real life, it's a little more purpley.  Although, now that I have switched to using my work computer, this looks accurate.  So depending on your monitor, this may show a little bit more blue than purple.

Violets <3's Snowflakes had an excellent formula and is shown here in 2 coats plus a glossy top coat.

Of course, I had to do snowflakes ;)

Winter Midnight

Winter Midnight is described as a dark and vibrant deep blue with flakes of white like a midnight snowstorm.

Winter Midnight is shown here with 2 coats plus a glossy top coat.  This is another polish that with a slightly thicker first coat could be a one coater polish.

I added a matte top coat to this one too and loved it!

All of these polishes will be available on Black Friday, November 24th at Midnight CST.  Keep an eye on the Vapid Lacquer Fan Group, Vapicorns for more information as the date draws closer.

Black Friday is Vapid Lacquers biggest restock of the year! As such, there will also be other products releasing in addition to these polishes! Bar Soaps, Fluffy Whipped Soap, Sugar Scrubs, Body Bars, Body Mists, Skin Care, Mousse, and Wax Melts.

The scent star will be Mallow Mint!  Mallow Mint is described as a swirl of marshmallow fluff and candy canes! 

Time of this launch will be announced, it will be a late night/early morning launch on November 24th to celebrate Black Friday.