Thursday, December 6, 2018

Glam Polish | I’d Have Ugly Nails Without Nikki Limited Edition Duo

Hi everyone! Today I have a beautiful, sparkly duo from Glam Polish to share with you!  This is the I’d Have Ugly Nails Without Nikk Duo, and I think we can all agree that this is a VERY true statement.

This duo was created to celebrate Nikki’s 5th anniversary with Glam!

Let's get to the details first then into the swatches!


December 7, 2018, at 2pm EST.

Additional Details:
This duo is VERY limited Edition and will not be restocked.
For the first 96 hours, you can save 8% when purchasing individual shades from the duo 
 15% when purchasing the duo, no code required.

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond 

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond is a holo glitterbomb with fine holo and ultra holo glitters, silver holo, purple, indigo and blue glitters & multichrome flakes. 

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond is stunning! There are so many tiny colored glitters in this duo that just adds to the sparkly gorgeousness.   This duo would be perfection to compliment any outfit for ringing in the New Year!

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond has a great formula.  It applied smoothly and evenly.  The removal was a bit messy, but it wasn't hard and only required a little bit of scrubbing.

My swatches show three coats plus a glossy top coat.

I Glitterally Don’t Give A #$%? 

I Glitterally Don’t Give A #$%? is another gorgeous holo glitterbomb that has fine holo, ultra holo glitter and a rainbow glitter mix. 

The formula and application for I Glitterally Don’t Give A #$%? is the same as the last.  It was excellent.  It applied smoothly and evenly.  The removal is also the same, a bit messy with the glitters.  Since it's a glitter you will have to scrub, but I only needed to scrub a little bit and it came right off.

My swatches show three coats plus a glossy top coat.

December 2018 Polish Pickup - Enchanted Forest

Hi everyone! Today I have some fun Polish Pickup polishes to share with you!  I have polishes from four brands.  Colors by Llarowe, Cuticula, Lilypad Lacquer, and Polished For Days.

This months theme is Enchanted Forest and these brands have made some seriously stunning contributions!

As always let's start off with the details for Polish Pickup, and then we'll get into each brand's polish and their specific details.


begins:  December 7, 2018 at 11am EST
ends:  December 10, 2018.

Additional Information:
This month Polish Pickup is not a pre-order like it usually is.  This month the items will ship when the shopping window closes.  As such, each polish will be capped.  

Polished For Days - Pixie Potion

Pixie Potion is described as a blue-purple based polish with orange to green shifting iridescent micro flakes, holographic flakes, and pink to aqua to purple shifting iridescent flakes.

Pixie Potion is stunning! I had to put this on as soon as I got it.  I'm not usually a purple polish kind of girl but Polished For Days always has me drooling over her purple polishes.

The price will be $12.50 and there will be a cap at 300 bottles

Pixie Potion had a wonderful formula.  It applied smoothly and evenly.  It removed easily too.

My swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.

Colors by Llarowe - Roads Less Traveled

Roads Less Traveled is described as a deep vampy burgundy red with green and gold shift with prismatic holo flakes and OG UP.

The price will be $11 and there is a cap at 200 bottles.

Roads Less Traveled is beautiful. It has a lit from within type glow and it's just a jaw-dropping red.  You're definitely going to want to wear this as you make your holiday visits to family and friends.

Roads Less Traveled has a wonderful formula.  It applied very smoothly and evenly.  The sparkles are flakes so nothing was difficult to remove.  I wore this for at least 24 hours and did not experience staining.

My swatches show 2 coats plus a glossy top coat.

Cuticula - Enchanted Duo

Cuticula is offering a duo this month.  These are only being sold as a set.  The set will include Cuticula's Static Base Coat and a new product, the Enchanted Top Coat!

The price for this duo is $18.00 and the cap is 132.

First, let's go over what the new Enchanted Top Coat is.  It is described as a top coat that adds the mesmerizing sight of flashes of shifting pigment that shift Cyan/Indigo and Purple/Copper/Green.

This Top Coat still offers you the same benefits of Cuticula's Timeless Top Coat that you already love and trust but adds gorgeous shifts over top of any polish.

Enchanted and the Static Base Coat are scented in 'A Dream Worth Keeping' a blend of green tea as the high note, underscored with fresh cucumber as the bottom note. The cucumber is what hits my nose first and then the green tea lightly behind it. This is a very fresh, clean fragrance!  I love anything cucumber scented so I find myself reaching for her next offering in this duo, the Static Base Coat, often.

 Static Base Coat is a sticky base that works like double sided sticky tape while adhering to your nail and the polish applied to it. This base coat along with Timeless Top Coat will give you up to two weeks of wear time.

Personally, I have gotten the two weeks wear time easily while wearing Static Base Coat.  I only changed my polish at that point for my own sanity.  I can't wear a polish that long, I always want to change.  But, if you're not like me and enjoy wearing your mani's for a long time, this is the perfect base coat for you.  Even after those two weeks were up I only had some tip wear and growth.

I also did some fun nail art that made me think of an enchanted forest.

Lilypad Lacquer - Ocean whispers

Ocean Whispers is described as a murky green base with a gold, copper, violet, pink to blue shift and is filled with multicoloured, colourshifting white chameleon flakes.

This is priced at $15.00 and will be capped at 50 bottles.

Ocean Whispers is a beautiful polish! It's also unique in that it has two different looks! My swatches will show the middle and ring finger with top coat, and the pointer finger and pinky without.  I tested it with a few different quick dry top coats and they all changed the darker green to a lighter green.  It was a very cool effect and I absolutely loved the versatility of having a darker and lighter green color in the same polish.

Ocean Whispers has a wonderful formula.  It applied very smoothly and easilly.  It also reamoved easily.

My swatches show 2 coats.

this last swatch shows them all with top coat.

Before I leave you, here is some background on what Polish Pickup itself is.

Polish Pickup is a group on Facebook that is an interactive experience that allows you to submit theme ideas and then everyone votes for their favorite choice.

After the winning theme is chosen and announced, different brands will create polishes, nail art items, or bath and beauty products, based off of the chosen monthly theme, that will be available on the Polish Pickup website for the first Friday of each month at 11 AM EST.  

It stays open for four days, until the following Monday at Midnight EST.  At that point, all the products available are gone, and won't be back as everything is Limited Edition for that month.

And, the cherry on top? Polish Pickup ships for a flat fee of $3 in the US and $5 for Canada.  They also ship internationally at cost!

And remember, this month is NOT a pre-order so have those alarms set & ready to go at 11am!


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