Saturday, September 1, 2018

Polished For Days - Multichrome Madness Group Customs!

Hi guys!  Today I am back and I have something wonderful to share with you! Polished For Days has created two group customs for the Facebook group, Multichrome Madness, and they are amazing!

Shall we start with the details? Yes, lets!

Polished For Days & Multichrome Madness


These will be available for the entire month of September
beginning September 1, 2018, at 7am PST 
and ending September 30, 2018, at 6pm PST

$12.50 each, 
$24.00 for the duo.

Now let's get into the swatches!

3,000 Strong (Magnetic)

3,000 Strong is a magnetic polish that is described as a grey holographic base with sprinkled pink to green shifting aurora and pink to green shifting magnetic pigment. 

Polished For Days will have a magnet available in their shop for $1.75 which I will show pictures of after the swatches.

3,000 strong is gorgeous and unlike any magnetic polish I have in my collection.  The grey base mixed with the pink is such a stunning combination that absolutely looks like rainbows on your nails with the holographic effect.  I couldn't get enough of this, I wore it for several days!

The formula was excellent, it applied smoothly and evenly with the perfect consistency.  It also was very easy to remove.

My swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.  I probably could have done three to make the magnetic effect stronger, but the polish itself really did not need a third, and in person, the magnetic stripe was much more prominent.

Edit:  I added some pictures of 3,000 Strong without the magnetic effect at the end.

The swatches below are shown without the magnet applied. 


Here’s “Two” The Good Times

Here’s “Two” The Good Times is described as a deep teal base with a purple-pink-green multichrome shift and micro holographic flakes. 

Here’s “Two” The Good Times is so pretty I don't have a word in my entire vocabulary that could possibly describe how much I am in love with it.  It is SO shifty, and sparkly! I love how it shifts from purple to blue to goldeny-green.  Seriously! I even managed to capture pictures of the shift.

The formula was excellent, it applied smoothly and evenly, and when the time comes, it removes easily too.

My swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.

I also have an application video for these two up on my youtube channel you can check out!


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